What We Do

Photo research, image licensing, editing, fact-checking—whatever you need to complete your project, PhotoAssist can help. Learn why we’ve been called “an important part of the team,” “an ideal service for a professional writer,” and “a dream come true.”

We’ve helped the U.S. Postal Service develop and maintain the most comprehensively researched stamp program in the world.

We’ve located more than 250,000 images, including many rare photographs, for magazines, museums, government agencies, publishing houses, and bestselling authors.

We’ve written and fact-checked text for a wide range of books, museum exhibitions, catalogs, and collectibles.

We’ve advised major firms about intellectual property issues for national advertising campaigns.

Collectively, PhotoAssist staffers have spent decades immersed in editing, publishing, and photo research while also cultivating individual expertise in such diverse subjects as law, science, history, and the arts.